Semih Saygıner,

was born on November 12 1964 in Adapazarı. His interest in billiard started during his high school years. He ranked first in the Istanbul Billiard Championship in 1981; it was his first success. He made his cue speak in 1988 in a show tournament organized in Turkey, in which internationally acclaimed sportsmen participated, and attracted the billiard community’s attention.


His success in German Open Tournament of 1991 and his degree in the Istanbul Efes Pilsen Grand Prix further his name. Subsequently, he ranked 8 in the world by defeating the world 3-Band Billiard Champion, Raymond Ceulamans with a score of 3-0 in the last game he played in the Berlin World Championship. Ranking 3. in the world, he reached up to the rank of 6 in 1993, in Berlin.


Semih SAYGINER won his first World Cup in the World Championship organized in Gent in 1994. With this success he reached to the third rank in the world classmen and broke two world records. The records that would be rebroken later are as follows: 1994-45 points 11 hits- 4.090 average (3 sets), 1994-50 points 14 hits-3.571 average (3 sets).


In the year of 1994 he transferred to the Holland League of Teams known as the most important league of billiard. He defeated Dutch Cerwin Walentijn in the final of the World Billiard Championship (3-Band) organized in 1998 in Antalya-Kemer, and ranked first. He and Tayfun Taşdemir defatted the Greek team in the World Championship organized in 2003, in Germany-Mönchengladbach and brought championship to Turkey.


SAYGINER who became the Turkey Grand Prix Champion in 3-band for 25 times; won the Championship of Turkey in 3-band for 14 times, Champion of Turkey in Karambol for 10 times, Champion of Turkey in Cadre 47/2 once, and Champion of Turkey in single-band once.


He was seen liable to the sportsman of the year prize many times in different contexts. He was the captain of FC Porto Billiard Team in Portuguese for three years.


In 2009, Semih SAYGINER produced cues of the most expensive serial production for sale in the name of Italian Longoni, the largest cue producer in the world.


Known also with the titles of “Mr.Magic” and “The Turkish Prince” in among the world billiard community, the sportsman has 42 special hitting technics recorded in the literature with his own name.


He receives invitations from various universities and private organizations as guest speaker thanks to his story of success, and speaks many languages as well.


Until today he played as actor in such T.V. series as “Zeytin Dalı’’ (The Olive Branch), ‘’Hacı’’ (The Hadji), ‘’Bekarlar’’  (The Bachelors) and ‘’Aşk Yakar’’ (Love Burns).


SAYGINER published a music record titled “Gizli Aşk” (Secret Love) in 2011. He was the brand face of Airfel, The Turkish Trademark Institution Brand, Arçelik and Lassa ads.


Besides his professional life as a sportsman, he’s still closely interested in acting and music, and participating in projects in these areas.